Baby Follow Up Visits (Baby Check Ups)

Visits to the doctor at regular intervals are very important in the first year of life. All infants, even when they do not have any illness, should be checked by the doctor in the first or second week. After the first visit, at least one visit every other month is mandatory till the baby is over 6 months old. After the initial 6 months, the frequency may be reduced to once in 3 months. Vaccination Schedules usually ensure that the baby is taken often enough to the doctor.

At each visit, the weight and length of the baby is measured and recorded. The circumference of the head is also measured. The doctor will ask about the different developmental milestones the baby should have normally reached at different ages. The baby is thoroughly examined to detect any abnormalities in the development as well as for signs of any illness or hereditary condition. The sensory responses are checked out to ensure that the vision and hearing are normal. Pre-mature babies are checked for problems unique to them such as retinopathy of prematurity, which is an eye condition affecting them. Vaccinations are administered according to schedule.

These baby check ups provide an opportunity for the parents to field their queries and clear their doubts regarding the growth and development of the infant. Doctor will advise them on the nutritional requirements and suitable foods for the baby and indicate the ideal time for the next visit. They are usually briefed about the milestones expected in the intervening period too.

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