Do You Have Digestive Symptoms

Digestive disorders usually become apparent by the symptoms they precipitate. Irregular bowel movements such as constipation and diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, as well as upper abdominal difficulties like nausea, vomiting, gas formation and burning sensation, regurgitation etc., commonly called as indigestion, all indicate some underlying digestive disorder. Loss of appetite, difficulty in swallowing, globus sensation (which is the feeling of having a lump in the throat), abdominal pain and bleeding also may be caused by certain disorders of the digestive system.

Most symptoms of digestive system disorders are usually referred to as indigestion which can be very misleading. Their underlying causes may be entirely different.

Regularity in bowel movements is often considered a sign of digestive health. But there can be variations in the bowel movements between persons and in the same person at different times. It is influenced by the diet of the person, stress levels, drugs taken and certain diseases that may be present. Cultural and social conditioning also influences the frequency of bowel movements. However, most people feel an urge to empty their bowels half an hour to one hour after their first meal in the morning. Two to three bowel movements a day to two to three per week are often considered normal in most communities in the west.

 More than the frequency of bowel movements, it is a noticeable change in the frequency in a person, for no apparent reason, that is important, as it may indicate the development of some digestive disorders. Also, any change in the consistency of stools, or the presence of pus, blood, mucus or oiliness may be an indication of underlying disorders.

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MD, PHD, Professor Of CardioVascular Surgery
Dr. Yasser Elnahas, Is an associate Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery. Dr. Elnahas was trained as a fellow At Texas Heart Institute And Mayo Clinic Foundation.Dr. Elnahas is dedicated to educating the general public about different disease conditions and simplifying the medical knowledge in an easy to understand terminology.

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