Infant Developmental Milestones

Infant Developmental Milestones:

One Month

  • Able to draw the hands towards the baby’s own face and mouth. 
  • When placed on the stomach, manages to lift the head slightly to make side to side movement s of the head.
  • Able to follow with the eyes, moving objects held 6 inches away from the face.
  • Startles or cries at loud or sudden noise; often pacified by familiar voices.
  • Turns the head in the direction of voices or sounds which are familiar.  
  • Ability to focus the eyes on a face.

  Three Months    

  • Able to raise the head higher when placed on the stomach, usually between 450 and 900.
  • Closing and opening the hands.
  • Kicking down with the feet when they are kept touching  on any  flat surface
  • Able to reach out for objects hung above their heads by a swinging motion.
  • Able to follow an object in front of the face when it is moved from side to side.
  • Shows definite interest in human faces by studying them intently
  • Responds to mother’s speech and voice by smiling and showing delight.
  • Starting to make certain sounds similar to human speech

  Five Months

  • Able to hold the head upright and support it very well.
  • Able to roll over while lying on the stomach.
  • Able to reach out and take hold of objects.
  • Able to recognize familiar people from a distance
  • Focuses on human speech and actively listens to conversations.
  • Frequently smiling in a spontaneous way at people
  • Showing delight by squealing

  Seven Months

  • Able to sit upright without any support
  • Able to stand with slight support when the baby is held with its feet resting on a surface
  • Able to move things from one hand to the other.
  • Searching for toys and other objects dropped from the hand.
  • Responding when the baby’s name is called out.
  • Definite attempt at speaking with a combination of vowel and consonant sounds.
  • Demonstrates excitement and delight on meeting playmates and finding toys by wiggling
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo

   Nine Months

  • Able to crawl on hands and knees
  • Crawls towards toys which are not within reach.
  • Shows protest when something is taken away from its hands. Objects if toy it taken away
  • Able to pull oneself up by holding on to any supporting structure.
  • Able to stand for quite some time with support. Loves to walk with support.  
  • Says a few familiar words like mama, but not exactly meaning the mother.

  Twelve Months

  • Able to sit up without assistance or support.
  • May walk with or without support.
  • Sometimes leaves hands from support and balances for a few seconds.
  • Calls parents by the names assigned to them, such as ma, pa etc.
  • Able to drink liquids from a sipper cup
  • Able to clap their hands and wave good-bye at appropriate times.

Adequate nutrition and a safe, protected environment are necessary for the optimal physical growth and development of the infants. Babies develop a special bonding with those who are providing food, consolation and a sense of security to them. They will actively seek their presence and become strongly attached to them.

Babies require affection and support from their parents for their emotional development. They should be provided with a stimulating environment conducive to intellectual development. Human interaction is an important factor in the mental and social development of infants. More than the expensive toys which squeak and light up, it is the smiling face of the mother and father, and their speech and singing, which hold the attention of the baby. Parents should have plenty of physical contact with the baby and spend as much time as possible playing peek- a- boo and such other simple games with it. This will also strongly affect an infant developmental milestones.

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