Intestinal Malrotation

A potentially fatal birth defect known as intestinal malrotation results from abnormal or incomplete rotation of the intestines during the development of the fetus.

Twisting of the intestine, termed volvulus is often caused by intestinal malrotation. Infants who have malrotation can suddenly develop a volvulus which cuts off the blood supply to specific areas of the intestine. Midgut volvulus develops when the middle potion of the intestine is completely deprived of blood supply. Sudden swelling of the abdomen as well as diarrhea and vomiting may indicate this condition. The vomit may contain yellow or green colored bile or it may be rust-colored. Abdominal distension soon develops. A barium x-ray may help diagnose this condition. In this test, barium enema is administered before taking the x-rays so that abnormalities in the intestines can be clearly visible on the x-ray image.

Immediate surgical intervention, usually within hours of birth, may be required to save the infants who have this condition. Fluids are administered intravenously as part of the treatment. Intestinal tissue loss or even death may result if emergency surgery is not performed to correct the defect.

Watch This Video About Intestinal Malrotation (Volvulus):

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