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Benign Tumors Of The Stomach

Many of the tumors developing in the stomach are benign or noncancerous in nature. As long as they remain asymptomatic, they are not usually diagnosed and no treatment is necessary. But when they start showing symptoms such as bleeding from the stomach, they may be surgically removed or by a minimally invasive procedure using an endoscope.

Some noncancerous abnormal growths projecting into cavity called stomach polyps may become precancerous with the potential of developing into cancer. Because of this, when polyps are detected in the stomach, they are removed by one of the following procedures.

  • Electrocautery in which electrical current is used to destroy the polyps
  • Thermal obliteration in which the polyps are destroyed using direct application of heat
  • Laser phototherapy where high energy light is focused on the tumor to burn it off

These minimally invasive procedures are performed by an endoscope which is introduced into the stomach through the mouth and down the esophagus.

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