YouaskMDanswers is born out of the enormous need for reliable medical information which I encountered during my long medical career and the sincere desire to make such information universally available to all who seek practical answers to their medical questions.

Our mission

We aim to educate and empower people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, to prevent diseases which can be prevented; to assist people with various medical problems in approaching their treatment with a positive attitude, armed with clear knowledge and understanding of their condition, encouraging and empowering them to lead a healthy and comfortable life.

Our Vision

  • To provide a reliable platform to answer your medical questions and other queries regarding health issues
  • To provide accurate and comprehensive medical answers to your concerns regarding health and well being
  • To provide medical advice based on the latest insights into disease mechanisms, newly developed diagnostic tools and innovations in medical care.

Ignorance is bliss? Not any more…

In this constantly evolving medical world where patients are expected to collaborate and cooperate with medical professionals; when they are encouraged and expected to make informed decisions right from the diagnostic stage, no one can afford to remain ignorant. Accurate and comprehensive medical advice from a reliable source enables you to have a fruitful interaction with your medical care provider. When you ask your doctor relevant medical questions regarding your condition, the doctor reciprocates with informative medical answers which would promote rapport and trust between the patient and the doctor, which is essential for effective and successful treatment.

Knowledge is power

This is the age of information. Everyone is expected to be well informed about all the issues regarding their personal and social life, be it traffic rules or tax laws. No concessions are given for lack of knowledge. The same applies to personal health. Ordinary people are required to take responsibility for their own health, like never before. Acquiring knowledge about the common diseases, their causes and the currently available treatment options empower you to take control of your health and well being.

YouaskMDanswers is your window to the world of modern medicine: We strive to present you with the latest research findings and innovations in the field of medicine and answer your medical questions in a clear, lucid and comprehensive way.

YouaskMDanswers is your gateway to good health. As everyone knows, prevention is better than cure. We provide you with sound, practical medical advice regarding the preventive measures each and every person can follow. Your medical questions are comprehensively answered with special emphasis on lifestyle changes which would go a long way in managing any health condition you may have.

YouaskMDanswers  is your anchor:   When you are adrift with various medical problems in your life, we provide precise, timely and accurate medical advice that you can rely on. The various ailments are conveniently grouped under the body system they involve, and each abnormal condition is dealt with in great detail, listing their symptoms, diagnostic methods and treatment modalities, surgical and non-surgical options including the lifestyle changes which can ameliorate the condition.

Medical Disclaimer

All medical advice given on our website is reliable, dependable and accurate, based on the latest developments in the medical field with regard to preventive measures, diagnostic techniques and treatment modalities, including drug treatment and surgical options. However, it is not intended to replace the valuable medical advice given by your doctor, but to complement it. Armed with the knowledge gained from our website, you are encouraged to present your medical questions to the doctors and other medical professionals taking care of you, so that you can receive satisfying medical answers to your queries.

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Yasser Elnahas

MD, PHD, Professor Of CardioVascular Surgery
Dr. Yasser Elnahas, Is an associate Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery. Dr. Elnahas was trained as a fellow At Texas Heart Institute And Mayo Clinic Foundation.Dr. Elnahas is dedicated to educating the general public about different disease conditions and simplifying the medical knowledge in an easy to understand terminology.

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