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Amalgam is Poison – Remove it and You Could Be Healed From Multiple Sclerosis and Other Diseases

A lot of people have this metal in their mouth, or better on their teeth. This filling is mainly used in case your teeth is suffering from a carious lesion. Amalgam fillings are so popular because they are so cheap and a lot of health insurances pay their costs.

But did you know that amalgam consists of 50% mercury and mercury is commonly known as a poison?

When was Amalgam used the first time?

Let’s have a look back to the 19th century. In France amalgam was used the first time in the year 1832. Do you think it is a coincidence that from this year on strange diseases which were never seen before have been reported? The talk is about multiple sclerosis and leukemia.

There is another incident which is interesting to mention. On 1940, when British troops occupied the Faroe Islands, the natives began to show cases of MS. How can this be? There are two explanations:

First it is assumed that the troops carried some sort of viral infection. However, this could not be true because no one who was in the proximity to those troops had infected himself with this disease.

There was another explanation: Since the occupation the usage of amalgam fillings increased.

 The Poison in your Mouth

It is beyond dispute that mercury is poisonous. Nonetheless, the Association of American Dentists advances the view that amalgam fillings within the mouth are harmless. They say that it is tied to the teeth and thus not dangerous. However, their members agree that outside the mouth this substance is a threat for us.

It is true that the amalgam filling is soundly bound on your teeth but it is also true that with every chewing very small amounts of amalgam are dissolved and swallowed with your food but only a fraction of those amounts are discarded by your body. The rest stays within your body and ends up in your blood.

In your liver the mercury of the amalgam filling is transformed into Methylmercury which is around 100 times as poisonous as the original substance. This new stuff stays in your fat cells or can even arrive at your brain.

Countries like Sweden, Denmark or Norway have prohibited the usage of amalgam. ( )

 Symptoms Caused by an Amalgam Filling

It is obvious that not everyone who has an amalgam filling will suffer from multiple sclerosis. But there are some symptoms which are caused by amalgam among which are

  • Low Enzym Activity
  • Low Cell Divison
  • Low Body Temperature
  • Higher Fatigue

Having named these symptoms it is also interesting to think about a correlation between the wide-spread chronic fatigue syndrome and amalgam fillings. We have to keep in mind that those mercury amounts in the thyroid are responsible for lower energy levels.

 Most Dentists Suffer Themselves

If an occupation group is exposed to mercury so often isn’t it logical that dentists must be suffering from several diseases too? Yes, they are. A lot of them show tremor problems, the above mentioned symptoms or even depression.

It is surely not far-fetched to say that this can be caused by a high exposure to the toxic mercury.

 Let Your Amalgam be Removed

Maybe you are not affected by any kind of those diseases caused by amalgam. But who wants to have poison in his mouth for the rest of his life? After all there are also amalgam alternatives like ceramic or gold.

If you want to have your amalgam filling removed you have to find a good dentist who is specialized in this field. A man who has good reputation in this area is Dr. Hal Higgins. But you will surely find other dentists in your proximity who can do this too.

People report immediate disease or symptom regression after an amalgam removal although it is important to know that a complete amalgam purge can take up to one year.

There is a medicine which is recommended for detoxification of the remaining amalgam amounts in the body which is called DMSA ( ). It is also reported that chlorella can be a good support for an ongoing detox.

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